Diamond Cutting Wheel Repairs

We are leading diamond cutting wheel repair specialists - based in Cardiff, South Wales we are ideally situated to repair your diamond cut alloy wheels.  Customers travel for miles around to have their wheels repaired - including Bristol, Swansea, Neath, Bridgend. 

Diamond cutting is a process which takes a little bit more time than an ordinary refurbishment.  The process involves the wheels being machined on a computer operated lathe allowing us to remove damage to the surface of the wheel.  The most common problems with such wheels is corrosion; due to the lacquer peeling off the bare metal surface, it is then exposed to road dirt, salt over winter and overall weathering.

After the wheels have been diamond cut they are then powdercoat lacquered to protect the attractive freshly cut surface.

Like an ordinary wheel refurbishment, the wheels are painted back to the oem or factory colour followed by the diamond cutting process.  However, if you wanted your wheels to stand out from the crowd, you can have them painted the desired colour of your choice.  

Below are a few samples of the diamond cutting repairs we have carried out.  

Lathe in action diamond cutting an alloy wheelExample of Diamond Cutting ServicesAudi Alloy Wheel Diamond CutDiamond Cutting Wheel RefurbishmentExample of Diamond Cutting Services